"Midnight: The Death of Hank Williams" CD

"Midnight: The Death of Hank Williams" CD


1.) Introduction (Braxton Schuffert)
2.) Rockin' Chair Daddy (Jake Penrod)
3.) Arty Hill - Church On Saturday Night
4.) Midnight (Joey Allcorn & Jake Penrod)
5.) Is There Something You Can Do (Arty Hill)
6.) The Death of Hank Williams (Joey Allcorn)
7.) Death Announcement (Nelson King of WCKY)
8.) Death is Only a Dream (Joey Allcorn & Rachel Brooke)
9.) Fallen Star (Andy Norman)
10.) Song for Charles (Bobby Tomberlin)
11.) A Legend Froze in Time (David Church)
12.) Are You Sure Hank Done It This Way (Wayne Mills, Kyle Wilson & Joey Allcorn)