"Midnight: The Death of Hank Williams" (CD - 2013)

"Midnight: The Death of Hank Williams" (CD - 2013)

Track Listing:

1.) Introduction (Braxton Schuffert)
2.) Rockin' Chair Daddy (Jake Penrod)
3.) Church on Saturday Night (Arty Hill)
4.) Midnight (Joey Allcorn & Jake Penrod)
5.) Is There Something You Can Do? (Arty Hill)
6.) The Death of Hank Williams (Joey Allcorn)
7.) Hank Williams' Death Announcement on WCKY (Nelson King)
8.) Death Is Only a Dream (Joey Allcorn & Rachel Brooke)
9.) Fallen Star (Andy Norman)
10.) Song for Charles (Bobby Tomberlin)
11.) A Legend Froze In Time (David Church)
12.) Are You Sure Hank Done It This Way? (Wayne Mills, Kyle Wilson & Joey Allcorn)